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Hi, My name is Hampton and I’ve been in the cleaning industry for a long long time. You can say almost half my life have been spent cleaning. Now while you’re in the cleaning industry, you come across alot of unusual encounters. They can be dirty, gross, weird, hilarious, scandalous and much more. This blog is dedicated to letting you guys in on the funny stories that get submitted to me.

Sent in by Mark @ 10:45pm – 10/8/16

Hey Hampton,

So I’m working the late shift cleaning the office and you know, I do the usual rounds of sweeps and tidy around the cubicles. Kid you know, an employee was hiding a pet turtle under their desk? Like you couldn’t keep the pet at home? Isn’t it like illegal for a turtle? Even stranger is that, the employee had a picture of themselves inside the tank. So bizarre.

Sent in by Janice @ 9:32am – 15/10/16

Hi Hampton! Hope this reaches you well. Just wanted to share the most disgusting clean I’ve done to date. What shocks me is that it isn’t the men that are nasty, it’s the ladies. Someone decided to do a terrible dump at the toilets. They must not know that it hit the floors, because their were tread marks of their sh*t all the way out of that cubicle. Man, I hope my colleagues know that it’s not mud marks they’re cleaning out there.

Sent in by Paul @ 1:20pm – 17/10/16

Hey Hampton, so I’m just wiping down the dust in what I’m assuming to be the big boss’ room, I go behind the desk and he’s hiding under there? With who you may ask? No one! So I said, why did you have to hide there, he had to explain that he thought it was his wife and he really needed some alone time to knock out some gaming levels since his wife prohibits it at home. haha, what a guy.

Sent in by Lucy @ 2:49pm – 21/10/16

Hi Hampton!

So I’m clearing out the cabinets from this old office building – they’re relocating. Some stuff in the cabinets are your common office equipment like pens, staplers, notebooks, but someone left behind their rolex watch! Now, i don’t know if it’s real, but the cabinet was located in the executive’s room. Also as part of the cabinet was lots of condom packets. I’m guessing this executive is kept busy in his office alright.

Sent in by James @ 11:32pm – 30/10/16

Heyo, so I just found a skeleton in the dumps. Man this is twisted.

Sent in by Clayon @ 1:32am – 3/11/16

I’m actually a part of a forensic cleanup. And man, I’m cleaning up bits of organs that have been blown out of a persons using a shot gun. The smell is also horrid because the person has been decaying for 3 days. Bet no one has a even sicker cleaning story than mine.